Children's Eyes and Sun Damage

Make sure to your kids’ eyes from the sun this summer because children’s vision is actually at greater risk of damage from UV rays.

Kids wearing sun glasses or UV-protected contact lenses to shield their eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation is just as important as slapping on sunscreen to protect their skin. Just as the sun causes sunburn, UV light is also absorbed by the tissue of the eye and can cause serious eye damage. Children are more vulnerable to UV in the summer than adults, in fact the World Health Organization estimates 50% of lifetime exposure to UV happens before the age of 18.

Why are kids at a greater risk? The crystalline lens in children’s eyes is less capable of filtering UV than in adult eyes, resulting in greater risk for internal eye damage later in life. This is particularly concerning as children spend more time outdoors than the average adult. It’s estimated children receive approximately three times the annual adult dose of UV.

Protecting your child now will decrease the potential for serious eye problems later in life. In addition to wearing contact lenses with UV protection, a close-fitting, wrap around style sunglass frame with 100% UVA and UVB blocking lenses is recommended.

Talk to your doctor of optometry

To help you choose contact lenses and sunglasses appropriate for your child, children should have a thorough eye examination by a Doctor of Optometry to ensure their eyes are healthy and to take any current eye conditions into consideration.

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